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Angkor Wat Siem Reap Shopping

After hotels and tourism, shopping is big business, Siem Reap is an excellent place to buy Cambodian souvenirs, silks, handicrafts, textiles and contemporary art. over the last few of years there has been an explosion of new shops, galleries and boutiques, offering a varied selection of quality handicrafts and silks as well as original artistic creations in a variety of media.

You can find just about whatever you want here, from cheap souvenirs to expensive gems and jewelry, and everything in between. The Old Market (Phsar Chas) is one of Siem Reap’s largest traditional covered markets and offers the largest selection of souvenirs under one roof in town. In fact, this market is really a ‘must visit’ in itself for the unique, colorful, local shopping experience. Of all the local markets, the Old Market offers the widest variety of souvenirs as well as the best selection of handicrafts and curios, including such items as traditional silverwork, silks, baskets, statuary, carvings and traditional musical instruments. Also check out the just opened Angkor Night Market off Sivatha.

The new night market promises an interesting after hours shopping venue. Individual little boutiques, art and photo galleries are scattered across the town, though there is a concentration of places in the Old Market area. The boutiques tend to offer higher quality, more unique and sophisticated selections of items than the Old Market - some focusing on Cambodian silks and tailoring, others on high quality handicrafts, NGO-based crafts, Asian-inspired photographic and artistic creations or specialty items such as local candles, spices and teas.

Perhaps most interestingly, a new generation of Cambodian artists is making its mark and contemporary, Cambodian art is coming to the fore after decades of silence. In addition to the listed galleries, check out The Arthouse Gallery at The Warehouse and the The Arts Lounge at Hotel de la Paix, both featuring regularly changing exhibits featuring the works of contemporary Cambodian artists.

What to Buy

Hand-woven Cambodian silks, stone and woodcarvings, statues and castings, contemporary Cambodian art, Cambodian handicrafts and traditional musical instruments, temple rubbings, silver betel containers, colored gems and basketry are among the most popular souvenirs. The most useful and one of the cheapest souvenirs that you can buy is a traditional checkered Cambodian scarf (krama). If you don’t mind looking like a tourist, wear it around your neck like the locals to keep the intense tropical sun off the back of your neck.

Cambodian Silks

Cambodian silks are prized by silk collectors the world over. Most of the silk available in Cambodia is hand-loomed using the traditional ikat method of dying the threads and looming in the patterns. Both raw and fine silks are available in the form of bolts, sarongs, clothing and various handicrafts. Many of the pieces available are potential collector’s items.

A fascinating way to learn about Cambodian silk is to visit the National Silk Center (see listing page 56) where visitors can witness start-to-finish silk creation - growing and harvesting mulberry (food for the silk worms), the breeding process and life cycle of the silk worm, collection of cocoons, separation and spinning the silk, the dying process and the creation of beautiful silk weavings on wooden, multi-harness hand looms. Cambodian silk is available at silk shops and boutiques across town, many specializing in silk creations such as tailored Asian and Euro-Asian fashions, pillows, blankets, purses and other decor and accessories. To learn more about Cambodian silk check the bookstore for ‘Traditional Textiles of Cambodia’ by Gillian Green

Statues and carvings

Statues and carvings of traditional subjects, often copies of Angkorian era works as well as Buddhas and various Hindu gods and personages, are available in stone, wood and brass. Statues make for relatively heavy, bulky souvenirs but are still very popular because of their beauty and artistic value. The replica of an Angkorian era bust of Jayavarman VII with its graceful lines and peaceful smile is truly captivating and is perhaps the most popular piece. Statues and carvings are available at the Old Market and most souvenir shops, though it pays to shop around for the best price and quality.

Highly-recommended is a stop at one of the local workshops such as Artisans D’Angkor to see craftsman producing wood and stone carvings. At Artisans d’Angkor visitors can observe artisans making traditional wood and stone carvings and lacquerwares following traditional techniques. Of special interest is the traditional polychromy finishing technique that is being practiced in the workshops. Polychromy imparts a unique patina to stone and wood pieces. Free tours available. See the Artisans d Angkor listing. Silver betel containers

Silver betel containers are popular, traditional souvenirs. These pounded silver containers are often shaped like animals, fruits and vegetables, and were originally used in ceremonial and everyday life to hold dried betel nut. (Betel is a type of palm nut that is chewed as a mild stimulant.) In the traditional market, betel looks like coin shaped, dark red plugs. You may see people, particularly older women from rural areas, with teeth stained deep red from years of chewing betel. Nowadays, silver betel containers are made primarily for sale as souvenirs but are still hand crafted using traditional techniques and styles. And in comparison to statues and carvings, they are comparatively light weight and transportable.

Temple rubbings

Temple rubbings are for sale everywhere in Siem Reap - the temples, the souvenir shops and the Old Market - but are, in fact, neither actual rubbings nor from the temples. They are in fact made from a heavy paper that is moistened then molded over recreations of original and imagined Angkorian-era temple carvings. Nevertheless, these rubbings are distinctive, light weight, transportable, inexpensive and uniquely Cambodian souvenirs.


Gems are a tempting souvenir. Western Cambodia, particularly in the area of Pailin, is a fertile source of colored stones. The markets in Siem Reap are full of jewelers specializing in Cambodian sapphires and rubies. Know something about gems and/or know the jeweler before spending much money.

Galleries, Boutiques and Shops

Angkor Artwork

Absolutely unique, original, high quality works of hand crafted art - beautiful tamarind wood Buddha images, lacquerware, boxes and panels, unique leaf print paintings. Combination workshop and gallery in a small villa on a quiet road, not far from downtown. Tour the workshop, see the art in the process of creation. Call for a free tuk-tuk ride to the shop.500m off High School Road

Tel: 012-327680, 063-967160



Angkor Cookies-Madamsachiko

Specializing in edible souvenirs, especially the locally made confection, ‘Angkor Cookies.’ Available in small and large quantities. Angkor Cookies also offers a selection of Cambodian teas, coffees, palm sugar, chocolate, pepper and other locally produced products. Fully air-conditioned. Attached to Café Puka Puka serving shaved ice, fruit shakes and juices, tea and coffee in comfortable a/c. Open 9:30AM - 7PM.Road to Angkor Wat, opposite Sofitel Hotel.


Angkor Shopping Center

Two expansive floors of a/c shopping. The main focus is on gems and jewelry, offering a huge selection of gems. Custom orders welcome. Goldsmith always on site. Also offering a wide selection of Cambodia souvenirs including silks and silk clothing, stone, wood, marble and jade statues and carvings, Cambodian silver and foods. The Joan Yen Lau Restaurant on the third floor of the Shopping Center offers Hong Kong style Chinese cuisine and a full bar.


Opposite the Royal Gardens

Tel: +(855) (0)63-963522

: +(855) (0)63-963606

E-mail: akshopping@online.com.kh

Artisans D’Angkor

Free guided tours of the workshops of wood and stne carving. Polychromy lacquering and guilding, silver plating and silk painting, and then discover the fascinating boutique displaying a variety of arts and craftsmade by artisans from the workshops using traditional cultural craftsmanship. 7:30AM-6:00PM.


100m off Sivatha, near the Old Market area

Tel: +(855) (0)63-963330

E-mail: infos@artisansdangkor.com

Website: www.artisansdangkor.com

Artisans d’Angkor at National Silk Center

Discover the world of silk from the growing of mulberry trees to the production of silf fabrics including tradional silk cloths such as Hol Silk, Phamung and Lboeuk, as well as other accessoriews made from pure silk. Free daily guided tours. Located 20 minutes from Siem Reap town. Free shuttle bus at 9:30AM and 1:30PM from Artisans d’Angkor. Open daily from 8:00AM-5:30PM


Rte #6, 16km west of town

Tel: +(855) (0)63-963330

E-mail: infos@artisansdangkor.com

Website: www.artisansdangkor.com

Arts Lounge

The ever-changing Arts Lounge is the perfect place to recline and dine at any time of the day. Enjoy our contemporary afternoon tea, or glass of wine and a bite to eat. Whilst appreciate revival of art in Cambodia, relax on a day bed in the comfort of air-conditioning with wifi connection.Sivutha Blvd, Hotel de la Paix

Tel: 063-966000

Website: www.hoteldelapaixangkor.com

Asia Craft Centre (ACC)

Unique showroom of Cambodian, Southeast Asian and South Asian traditional crafts and products. A good selection of quality handicrafts including silks and silk products - shawls, ties, table cloths and sets. Lacquerware and inlayed marble paintings. Wide selection of high quality handmade south Asian rugs, primarily from Kashmir. Branded products: t-shirts, pull-overs, etc. Silk looming and stone carving on-site. Special orders welcome. 9AM-8PM


#0216, Road to Angkor Wat

Tel: +(855) (0)63-760321, +(855) (0)12-958467

Fax: +(855) (0)63-760320

E-mail: hilcambodia@yahoo.com

Bambou Company Indochine

Bambou has an extensive range of originally designed, high quality t-shirts for men, women and children. The collection, inspired by the images of Indochina, is hand printed on 100% cotton and available in a full range of European standard sizes and many colors. Also offering a beautiful collection of casual and cool resort wear. “We pride ourselves on quality you can trust – even when you get home, so don’t leave Cambodia without a Bambou on you!”Two boutiques in Siem Reap @ Alley West and in Lucky Mall. Also a boutique in Phnom Penh at #7 Street 178, near the riverfront.



Beau Fou Boutique

Set back from the noise and distractions of pubstreet, Beau Fou is lovely boutique located above Joe to Go Restaurant. Filled with unique pieces of jewelry, clothing and Cambodian crafts. 100% of the profits go to support a school called The Global Child in Siem Reap. TGC provides a quality education for former street-working children, providing them with a dollar a day to offset their value as former laborers. After shopping return downstairs to Joe to Go to enjoy delicious coffee, tasty western and Cambodian favorites and free wifi.

Old Market area

Tel: 063-969050

Website: www.theglobalchild.org

Circle Boutique

A quirky shop selling environmentally friendly and socially responsible clothing by two social enterprises: iida design features classically design women's apparel and accessories inspired by vintage designs, made from local and recycled materials. KeoK'jay employs HIV positive women, providing training, a safe workplace, a good job, and support for their families. Products are uniquely designed and made from recycled and environmentally friendly materials. 10AM-10PM. Alley West

Diwo Gallery

The gallery featuring statues sculpted in the distinctive art style of the Angkorian period. These artworks were produced by Cambodian artists commissioned to create artworks with the same techniques and materials: bronze, silver, stone and wood used by their Khmer ancestors. The photo exhibition features the work of Thierry Diwo, a Cambodia-based French photographer and publisher who has been haunted by Angkor’s temples since first visiting them in 1992. His extensive collection on Angkor, an everlasting work in progress, includes images of monuments devoid of people, taken when the archeological park had but a few visitors each year. Wat Svay, Tonle Sap Road Siem Reap.

Tel: +(855) (0)92-930799

+(855) (0)92-876252

: www.tdiwo.com

D’mouj International Co.

High quality carpet and handicraft shop specializing in South Asian crafts, particularly handmade silk carpets, wall-hangings and embroidered scarves from Kashmir. Other crafts and objects of art also available. Everything in the shop is handmade. Comfortable a/c shopping. Attentive, professional service and assistance. Custom orders and wholesale enquires welcome. Shipping. Carpets shipped for free.


Road to Angkor Wat

Tel: +(855) (0)63-966431

Fax: +(855) (0)63-966430

E-mail: info@kashmirhandicraft.com

Website: www.kashmirhandicraft.com

Happy Painting Gallery

Galleries featuring the paintings of Stéphane Delaprée (Stef), a singular artist with a gentle insight into everyday Cambodia. Since 1993. Sold: Original paintings, prints, limited edition reproductions, postcards, exclusive T-shirts, statues. Galleries in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Shipping arranged. Credit cards accepted. Visa/MC/JCB Galleries at the Angkor Century Hotel, Siem Reap Airport, Old Market area and at hotels in Phnom Penh.

Tel: +(855) (0)23-726100

Khmer Ceramic

Witness traditional Khmer ceramics in the making. Combination workshop and retail shop on the road to Angkor Wat. See every step in the process of the creation of Khmer ceramics on a guided tour given in English, French and Khmer - the potting, kiln firing, natural coloring, painting and glazing processes. Three traditional style kilns in operations. Wide selection of finished, quality traditional Khmer ceramic products from which to choose. Classes in ceramic making.Road to Angkor Wat.

Tel: +(855) (0)17-843014

Website: www.khmerceramics.com


Boutique, next to Blue Pumpkin, offers a wide range of local crafts : delicatessen corner (teas, spices, honey), fragrant oil, incense, original table-art (tea sets, coffee spoon, table set, plaited bamboo trays), jewelry and copper objects. Also shawls, kramas and a silk blanket collections. Kokoon has used the famous Phnom Srok silk to create a 100% Kokoon, 100% Khmer silk collection.


Old Market area

Tel: +(855) (0)63-963830

Leathers Collection

Offering a wide election of high quality, international standard crocodile leather products - bags, belts, wallets, footwear, cigarette boxes, watchstraps and more. Also offering a similarly wide selection of stingray, sea snake and ostrich leather products. Retail shop and farming, breeding, tannery and factory.Road to Angkor Wat, Siem Reap.

Tel: +(855) (0)17-777740

E-mail: thaidarith@yahoo.com

Le Lézard Bleu

Boutique, art gallery and design shop. Sister shop to the popular Le Lézard Bleu in Phnom Penh, offering an excellent selection of high quality, traditional and contemporary Cambodian art, carvings, hangings, unique creations and curios, art-deco furniture and home decoration. Custom framing.Visa/MC2 Thnou St, opposite the Provincial Hospital, Old Market area.

Tel: +(855) (0)12-928005


Lili Perles

“Lili Perles Create Your Dream Inspiring Happiness" Offering a special collection of hand-crafted pearls in 21 colors and 20 natural materials such as wood, shale, glass, ceramic, etc. Create your own unique jewelry. Wholesale enquiries welcome. Lili Perles create-your-own-jewelry also available at Kokoon, Senteurs d’Angkor, Wild Poppy and Angkor Village Resort.

Tel: +(855) (0)12-634214

McDermott Gallery

Fine art photography of Angkor and Asia by John McDermott and other international photographers. A cool, relaxing atmosphere and comfortable chairs make this upscale gallery a pleasant place to browse. Limited edition photographs, reproductions, posters and cards for sale. Two locations. The original gallery, showing John McDermott’s images of Angkor, is at the FCC, along the riverfront. McDermott Gallery 2 is located in the Old Market area on The Passage and exhibits work by several international photographers. Open 10:00AM - 10:00PM.


Gallery) Pokambor, just south of Rte. #6

Annex) Old Market area

Tel: +(855) (0)12-615695

Website: www.asiaphotos.net

Mekong Quilts

A non-profit organization that aims to provide rewarding employment for women in rural areas. Mekong Quilts offer a wide range of quality handmade quilts, home accessories, gifts and decorations. All the profits are cycled through the NGO, Mekong Plus, providing scholarships, health initiatives, etc. in remote villages in Svay Rieng.

Sivatha Blvd.

Tel: +(855) (0)63-964498

Website: www.mekong-quilts.org

Pich Reamker Shop

Unique gallery and shop offering authentic masks and headwear used in traditional Cambodian dance, drama and theatre. If you have attended a traditional Cambodia performance, you have probably seen some of these mask in use in one of the dance dramas drawn from the Reamker (the Khmer version of the classic Indian Ramayana). The colorful mask offered by Pich Reamker are very high-quality, absolutely authentic, created using traditional techniques, hand painted, each a unique work of art in itself.

1) Gr 3, Teaksen Tboung

2) Angkor Night Market

Tel: 012-876863, 017-968226

E-mail: pichream_ker@yahoo.com


NGO-based souvenir and handicraft shop. The Rajana shop has a wide variety of items including silk products, silk paintings, silver jewelry, bamboo crafts, handicrafts, cards, drawings, iron works, hilltribe crafts and even local coffees, spices and condiments. “The Rajana Association is an income generation and skills training project that produces Fair Trade products using traditional Cambodian skills with contemporary designs.”


Old Market area

Tel: +(855) (0)12-481894

E-mail: 012789350@mobitel.com.kh

Rehab Craft

Rehab Craft Cambodia is a non-profit NGO that aims to create opportunities and enhance the living standard of people with disabilities through the production and marketing of quality handicrafts including silk, silver and wood products - silk bags, clothes, soft furnishings, silver jewelry, wood, statues. All earnings are re-invested in training and employment programs.Old Market area , Pokombor Av.

Tel: +(855) (0)63-965104

Website: www.camnet.com.kh/rehabcraft

Senteurs d’Angkor

Created in 1999, Senteurs d'Angkor pays special attention to quality, originality and authenticity of its products: statues, marbles, antiques, brass, copper and an important place dedicated to silk (kramas and bolts by meter). Also Senteurs d'Angkor manufactures his own range of products such as delicatessen (savory spices, flavored teas, rice brandy, coffee…) and scents (natural soap, oil, tiger balm…). Senteurs d'Angkor products can be identified by their original packaging, handmade from sugarpalm leaves. Visa/MC/JCB/AMEXOpposite the Old Market.

Tel: +(855) (0)12-954815

Senteurs d’Angkor Workshop

The doors of the workshop are now open to the public. Passing through the different workshops, you will observe the manufacture of natural soaps made from coconut oil, of moisturizing creams and of subtly scented balms and candles. Observe the different steps in the treatment of spices, of their combinations to make the traditional curry or amok, and of the creation of flavored coffees and teas.

See the coloring of sugar palm leaves and their weaving to produce lovely boxes made from natural fibers, called smoks. Learn to identify various exotic plants and flowers: lemongrass, chili, pepper plant, bougainvillea, frangipani tree, hibiscus, jasmine and more. 7.30AM to 5.30PM, everyday. Free visit.


Airport Road (Route #6)

Tel: +(855) (0)63-966733; +(855) (0)12-326546

Website: www.senteursdangkor.com


Alley West boutique offering unique products - hand-made bags, accessories and more created from recycled products. But Smateria is not only about recycling. It is about transformation - creating useful, attractive, innovative items from mundane materials. Alley West, Old Market area.

Tel: 063-964343

Website: www.smateria.com

Wild Poppy

Cute little boutique offering women's clothing, fashions and accessories. Also offering a range of quality local product, coffees, teas, potpourris, Bodia Nature products. Selection of beads and pearls to make your own jewelry. Two locations:

1) Alley West

2)Sivutha Blvd.

Tendance Khmere

Silks boutique The Tendance Khmere boutique brings the Tendance Khmere-Paris collection of fine Cambodian silk products to Siem Reap. The shop displays a wide selection of beddings, covers, pillows, home decor, table cloths and runners, all produced with fine hand-woven Khmer silks and textiles in original contemporary designs and styles of the Tendance Khmere collection. Custom orders welcome.

#4A, Street 278 (Boeung Keng Kang 1), Phnom Penh

Tel: 012-584661

Alley West, next to Pub Street, Siem Reap

Tel: 012-584661


Traditional Markets (Phsar) and Souvenir Markets

Angkor Night Market

"The Angkor Night Market is unique. Not only do the naturally constructed stalls display good quality local wares but many are stocked with original items from outside Siem Reap. This has earned The Angkor Night Market a well-deserved reputation of place where you can find different and unusual products not readily available elsewhere in the local area.

The Island Bar and Brick House Bar stand out as two of the only places in town where traditional Cambodian culture and architecture are fused with a cosmopolitan feel in an open-air, ambient setting. Visit 3D Cinema located just beside Island bar. You can choose from several movies, every day. You can see where Brother 1 Pol Pot got the idea to start a revolution that killed millions of innocent. Or you can enjoy amazing documentary about the largest snake market in the world. We provide the WiFi Internet access in Angkor Night Market - Island Bar - Brick House Bar. You can bring your laptop, buy ClickNet prepaid card and check your Email or surf your Internet."

Off Sivatha Blvd.

Tel: 092-654315

Website: www.angkornightmarket.com

Angkor Shopping Arcade

New shopping arcade/market on Airport Road just outside the downtown area. Over 100 stalls and shops offering Cambodian souvenirs, jewelry, handicrafts, clothes, fish massage, books, CDs and VCDs, Khmer art and more. Traditional performances/ events. Open 9:00 am until at least midnight.

on Airport Road (Route#6)

Tel: 012-424566

Noon Night Market

The Noon Night Market is located in the center of town within easy walking distance of the Old Market area and Pub Street. Look for the lighted signs. Open noon till late. Dozens of stalls and shops offering a complete selection of Cambodian souvenirs, Khmer art, silks, handicrafts, massage and more. Al fresco bar and Khmer food restaurant at the back of the market both offering reasonably priced food and drinks and a welcoming atmosphere. Free wifi at the restaurants. ATM in market..Old Market area, just off Sivatha Blvd.

Tel: 063-963775

Website: www.noonnightmarket.com

Phsar Chas (Old Market)

The Old Market (Phsar Chas) and surrounding area including the nearby Pub Street, Pub Street alleys and the Night Markets are 'must sees' when visiting Siem Reap. Very popular, the whole Old Market area stretching from the river across to the night markets on Sivutha Blvd is now the dining, shopping and nightlife center of town.

Of the various traditional Cambodian markets in Siem Reap, the Old Market offers the deepest selection of souvenirs and curios. There are souvenir vendors on all sides off the market and into the interior, especially on the river side - offering silks, silverworks, carvings, statuary, art and handicrafts as well as t-shirts, post cards, boot-legged DVDs and books.

The 2 Thnou Street side of the market is a mix of local and tourist vendors, some offering souvenirs, others specializing in clothing, shoes and hats aimed more at the local consumer. The opposite Street 11 side is also a mix, with many vendors offering handicrafts, puppets, musical instruments and basketry and local food and dried fish vendors toward the other end.

The north side of the market along Street 9 caters more to the locals than tourists, vending fruit, vegetables, meats, clothes, hardware and such. There are several interesting local spice, tea and coffee vendors on this side and a number of inexpensive cafe stalls lining the street, serving Cambodian fare in an interesting, very local atmosphere. A good place for a budget meal and a taste of real Cambodian cuisine.

The streets in the area around the market, especially the now famous Pub Street and Pub Street Alleys, sports dozens of tourist oriented business including galleries and boutiques, restaurants, cafes, bars, massage and spas, travel agents, bookstores, a pharmacy and lots more. See Old Market for more.

Phsar Leu Thom Thmey (Big, New, Upper Market)Phsar Leu is the main traditional market for the locals - an expansive market building full of vendors and stalls hawking everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to motorcycle parts, clothing and rice by the bushel. Not a good place to shop for souvenirs but a great place to see a bit of real Cambodia. The old Phsar Leu was torn down a few years ago and a new market building constructed and renamed ‘Phsar Leu Thom Thmey’ (Big, New Upper Market). Opens and closes with the sun. Busiest in the morning.

Route #6, east of town center

Supermarkets, Convenience Stores and Other Shopping

Shops and businesses of various types stretch along Sivatha Blvd from Route #6 to the Old Market area - souvenir shops, convenience stores, banks and money changers, massage shops, travel agencies, photo shops and more. LuckyMall containing Lucky Supermarket, Monument Toys & Books, Lucky Burger, U-Care and a dozen other stores is the newest addition to international-style shopping scene. Convenience stores are located all over town with several along Sivatha Blvd, all offering selections of groceries, sundries, drinks and more.

Angkor Making Shoes

Siem Reap's only cobbler, making all-leather shoes and boots to order. Chose from a catalogue or bring a pair of shoes to replicate. All shoes individually made to your personal size and requirements. Individual and bulk orders welcome. Hotel and restaurant shoes for uniforms. Very reasonably priced.Located on Street 05 just off of Sivutha Blvd.

Tel: 012-941474


Angkor Market

One of the first and most complete international-style convenience stores in Siem Reap. Food, drinks, spirits, wines, ice cream...

Sivatha Blvd.

Tel: 063-767799

Reasmey Tep Pranom

Airport Road international-style convenience store.Airport Road (Route #6)


Pharmacy, beauty products, toiletries

1) Old Market area

2) Lucky Department Store

3) Siem Reap International Airport

4) Cultural Mall at the Angkor National Museum

Book Stores

Most book vendors in Siem Reap focus on Cambodia and Southeast Asia related books, Angkor temple guides and travel books. Some places offer proper, original copies but most sell bootleg versions at cut-rate prices. Monument Books at the Museum Mall offers the best selection of new, original books in town and Monument Books at Lucky Mall carries children’s books.

In the Old Market area, D’s Books on 2 Thnou Street opposite the hospital has new and used books and Siem Reap Book Center on 2 Thnou at the end of Pub Street offer a selection of Cambodia related titles. Several roving book carts prowl the Old Market area offering selections of the most popular Cambodia related titles. Book stalls on the riverside of the Old Market sell temple guides and Cambodia-related books, as do small vendors near the temples.

Turn from Angkor Shopping to Angkor Wat