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Volunteer, Opportunities, Charitable Organizations, Good Causes and NGOs

Do volunteer work, shop responsibly, Give blood, dine for a cause, donate to an NGO, support a disadvantaged child...there are many ways to that you can help disadvantaged Cambodians and contribute to the development of the country. The projects and places listed below are, but a few of those available in Cambodia.

We have attempted to chose reputable organizations for inclusion in the following list, but we do not have the resources or capacity to properly evaluate each organization. We d not endorse or mean to imply endorsement of any of the following charitable organizations or NGOs by way of inclusion in the following list. While many NGOs and charities provide valuable services and assistance, not all are honest and scrupulous.

There is an on-going debate about the value, draw-backs and ethics of 'voluntourism,' orphanage and poverty tours and other trends within this growing sub-industry within the tourism industry. The Lessons Learned blog contains many valuable and thoughtful articles on the issue.

Siem Reap

For additional information on charitable organizations and volunteer work in Siem Reap contact the folks at Earthwalkers Guesthouse, Singing Tree or The Warehouse Bar for the latest local information.


The Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity (ACCB) is the first nature conservation center in Cambodia, located near the Angkorian site of Kbal Spean, in the beautiful countryside about one hour north of Siem Reap. The aims of the center are the rescue, rehabilitation, breeding and reintroduction of threatened wildlife, in combination with an environmental education program, in which we promote wildlife conservation and train local villagers in the sustainable use of natural resources. Free guided center tour Monday to Friday at 13:00 (for groups, other times can be arranged).

Tel: +(855) (0)11-426856, +(855) (0)99-604017

E-mail: info@accb-cambodia.org

Web site in German: www.accb-cambodia.org

Angkor Hospital for Children

The Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC), is a charitable organization, was founded by renowned Japanese photographer Kenro Izu in 1999.

The hospital provides treatment and care to local children as well as children from neighboring provinces. The hospital is recognized by Cambodian’s Ministry of Health as an official teaching hospital and AHC’s Medical Education Center serves as a training site for health professionals from all over Cambodia. Our Capacity Building and Health Education Program works to strengthen the capacity and improve the quality of local health practices.

The Friends Center at Angkor Hospital for Children gives visitors the unique opportunity to visit the hospital and learn more about its programs. Designed for environmental sustainability with the purpose of educating about the hospital the Friends Center also displays prints donated by Kenro Izu and hosts rotating art and photography exhibitions.The donation of money and blood are much appreciated!

Tel: +(855)(0)63-963409

Fax: +(855)(0)63-760452

Email: ahcpr@angkorhospital.org / fc@angkorhospital.org

Website: www.angkorhospital.org

Beatocello and Jayavarman VII Hospital

Dr. Beat Richner plays Bach on the cello and speaks about the activities of his children’s hospitals (Jayavarman VII in Siem Reap, Kantha Bopha 1 and 2 in Phnom Penh) every Friday and Saturday evening at 7:15PM. Performances are held at the Jayavarman VII Hospital, located on the road to Angkor Wat. Dr. Richner provides an entertaining and worthy Saturday evening. The hospital welcomes both monetary and blood donations.

Website: www.beatocello.com


Please join with us to support poor children, orphans and schools at the rural area in Cambodia.

Mobile: +855 95 959599, +855 979 608899

Email: info@cambodian-ccd.org

Website: www.cambodian-ccd.org

MaD – Making a Difference for Good!

"MaD for Good! Is a Cambodian registered non profit humanitarian NGO working to make a difference for good in Cambodia. Through our Rural Community Development and Children’s Welfare Programs, we offer Cambodian communities assistance in areas such as water, sanitation, housing, construction, sustainable agriculture, healthcare, childcare, orphan care and education. We also offer volunteer placements to international volunteers through vMaD (Volunteers Making a Difference) – our volunteer recruitment arm."

Email: info@madcambodia.org

Web: http://www.madcambodia.org

Volunteer: http://www.volunteer-cambodia.com

Tourism Training Schools in Siem Reap

Jobs in the tourism industry can provide a significantly higher wage than most jobs available in Cambodia. Schools such as Sala Bai and Ecole d’Hôtellerie et de Tourisme Paul Dubrule are NGO based, training young Cambodians in tourism industry related skills. Ecole d’Hôtellerie et de Tourisme Paul Dubrule is one of the best equipped facility in the country and depends in part on donations. The school operates a training restaurant, Le Jardin des Délices and a functioning training hotel with modeled after 5-star hotels. See the Siem Reap Hotel and Restaurant listings.

Tel: 063-963673, Fax: 063-963671

Website: www.ecolepauldubrule.org

Responsible Touring

Some tour companies specializing in tours outside the main park area make an extra effort toward minimizing the negative environmental/ social impact of tour activities, maximizing the benefit to the local communities and focusing on socially, culturally and environmentally responsible destinations and subjects. See Sam Veasna Center and Hidden Cambodia Adventure Tours.

Schools for Children of Cambodia (SCC)

Schools for Children of Cambodia partners with local communities to improve access and quality of basic education in Cambodia. Schools for Children of Cambodia is seeking enthusiastic and creative volunteers to teach English within local schools in small villages around Siem Reap. As a volunteer, you will teach basic English language skills to primary and secondary school students as well as teachers. You will create a positive learning environment for your students, sharing the skills and knowledge gained through your education and life experiences with those who have not had the same advantages.

E-mail: info@schools4cambodia.org

Website: www.schools4cambodia.org

Tonle Sap Exhibition

The Exhibition on the Khmer Heritage is sponsored by Krousar Thmey, (an NGO assisting children in Cambodia). The current exhibition is dedicated to the Tonle Sap Lake and the people, culture and environment of the area. Informative displays, maps, photos, models of traditional houses, boats and fishing implements with written explanations in French, English and Khmer. The highlight of the exhibit is a working scale model of the Tonle Sap Lake. Open everyday. Donations accepted. Located on the road to Angkor Wat just past the Jayavarman VII hospital.

The Volunteer Development Poverty Children School

Education for poverty stricken children in Siem Reap. Volunteer opportunities.

Website: www.singingtreecafe.com/images/volunteer/Documents.jpg

Rainbow Orphanage

This remote orphanage was opened in 2007 as a partnership between retired teachers and villagers. Now a haven of refuge orphan and poor children are resident at the Orphanage which has become their home and sanctuary. In addition these children, we provide support for an addition 250 children from impoverished families in neighboring villages, meeting the cost of school fees, uniforms and texts, as well as encouraging them to participate in the free out of school English, Mathematics classes at the orphanage."

If you are in Siem Reap and visiting the temples of Angkor Wat why not aside ONE DAY, to see the work we are doing, to meet the children themselves and maybe let the children practice their English skills or you could join in the daily tasks or the ongoing projects. Your ideas and your participation will be greatly appreciated and will enrich the lives of our children.Ka Ektom village, Reul commune, Puok district, about 30 mn drive from Siem Reap town.

Tel: (855) 12-963870

E-mail: children@wfc-kh.org

Website: www.wfc-kh.org

Phnom Penh and near Phnom Penh

Pour un Sourire d'Enfant (PSE)

PSE is a non-political, non-profit and non-religious organization which supports underprivileged and non-educated children. PSE's vocational training center provides professional training skills oriented toward today's job market, including Home & Food Management, Auto Mechanics, Information Technology, Hairdressing, Beauty Care & Spa, Business, Hotel, Construction and Agriculture, etc. Visit and tour our school, vocational training center, the PSE boutique shop and the Lotus Blanc restaurant. Your generous support benefits our students and helps us to sustain our work.

#402, Village Trea Stung Mean Chey.

Tel: +(855) (0)23-995994

Website: www.pse.asso.fr

Save the Children Cambodia for Development (SCD)

Save the Children Cambodia for Development is a benevolent, non-profit, local organization dedicated to improving the welfare of children. Our mission is to provide education, life skills and a happy environment to children who have been denied these due to their circumstances of poverty, loss of parent, AIDS and victims of landmines. Orphanages located in Phnom Penh. Donations welcome. Volunteer opportunities.

Tel: +(855) (0)23-356563, +(855) (0)11-286549

Email: chanscd@scdcambodia.org

Website: www.scdcambodia.org

Sunrise Children's Villages

Very well regarded international NGO orphanages in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, run by Geraldine Cox, providing a huge range of services Cambodian orphans and children.

Following are some of the things that Sunrise provides for the children under our care: Love; Food; Shelter; Inoculation against Polio, TB, Typhoid, Hepatitis A and B; Clothing (includes provision of 2 school uniforms); Medical and Dental Care; Education at Government School; Evening English Language Classes; Traditional Cambodian Music and Dance Lessons; Sewing Classes; Field Trips; Personal Counseling when required; English-Language Library; Physical Exercise Program, Health & Hygiene Instruction, Family Planning and HIV Aids Awareness; Computer School; Carpentry School; Agricultural Training; Life Skills Weekend Workshops; Employment and Accommodation is secured for the children when they turn 18 and have to leave Sunrise

Orphanages located in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

Donations welcome.

Visitors welcome.

TPR English and Bible School / Development for the Future of Cambodian Children

Our goal is to help the children of Cambodia have a better future. Anyone can learn American English in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. There is no charge for classes but donation can be made by contacting us by phone or e-mail."

#D10, Street 107, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Tel: 023-6923995




M'Lop Tapang

A Sihanoukville-based Cambodian NGO offering support, protection, positive choices and hope to street children and their families. M'Lop Tapang aims to reintegrate street children back to education, their families and their community, allowing them to lead happy, independent lives.

M'Lop Tapang works with and provides services to over 600 children through the following channels: Extensive outreach program; Daytime education and recreational center; Safe nighttime shelter; 24 hours Drop In Center for youth wanting to quit drugs; Community shelters and playgrounds in the slums; formal and informal education, life skills education, protection from all forms of abuse, medical care and health promotion, public school reintegration and other services.

To support M'Lop Tapang, visit the M'Lop Tapang shop on Serendipity Beach where you can purchase goods as well as leave a donation. M'’Lop Tapang urges you to use ChildSafe motodups and guesthouses while you are in Sihanouk Ville.

Tel: +(855) (0)34-934072

E-mail: info@mloptapang.org

Web site: www.mloptapang.org

The Starfish Project

The unique grass roots organization that strives to assist poor Cambodians who fall between the helping hands of governmental channels or other NGO's. Starfish does this by facilitating access for Cambodian people in Sihanouk Ville and neighboring provinces to existing social services and resources, and providing direct person-to-person assistance when such assistance is not available through governmental or other non-governmental channels. Starfish activities include medical care, housing projects, water and sanitation as well as small business assistance.

Starfish was founded in Sihanouk Ville in 2000 as a community-based humanitarian organization and has since assisted thousands of families with emergency care and development initiatives. Starfish projects all have a beginning and an end in sight when they are undertaken. Projects that require sustenance, or in other ways discourage our clients' independence are not taken on. Assistance is given in many ways to ensure that initiated projects are locally viable and sustainable.

The Starfish Bakery & Café and related Starfish businesses cover all the project's administrative costs. All donations go directly to helping our clients. Stop by for a cup of coffee and we'll tell you more!

Tel: +(855) (0)12-952011

E-mail: info@starfishcambodia.org

Web site: www.starfishcambodia.org

A message from M'Lop Tapang and ChildSafe...

When on the beaches of Sihanoukville you will meet many children. Please remember that buying from the children on the beaches or street keeps them on the beaches or street. As long as they make an income their parents will send them out to work. They are vulnerable to abuse and they are not safe. The hours they work prevent them from attending Khmer school. No formal education will perpetuate the cycle of poverty that most of their families are in. Instead please let Cambodian social workers do their job effectively by not encouraging children to stay on the beach by giving food, gifts, money or buying from them.

If you see a child in danger, call the ChildSafe 24 hour hotline on 012-478100 managed by a team of English speaking Khmer social workers from M'Lop Tapang program for street children. Thanks for being a ChildSafe tourist!

Tel: 012-478100



For those interested in contributing some of their time to the community, Kampot has many volunteer opportunities with NGOs and other charitable organizations (teaching, assistance with children and disabled people, reconstruction projects, etc.)

Contact Little Garden Bar, Blissful Guesthouse, Boddhi Village.

Tel: 012-728884

Website: http://web.mac.com/houstonair/iweb/

Epic Arts Cafe (Tel: 011-376968) or check out the local advertiser the Kampot Dar-laing for more information about volunteer opportunities in the area. Also check out the Little Garden Bar volunteer page on their website.


Orphanage Visitors and short term volunteers welcome. Contributions of learning materials (books, pencils, games, etc.) are also welcome. Call for appointment. Located on Tek Chhou Road, Kampot.

Tel: +(855) (0)12-262193, +(855) (0)16-826136 (Mr. Souvanny)

Chumkriel Language School(CLS)

Chumkriel Language School is a subsidized evening school that teaches English to approximately 250 students in the Chumkriel Commune of Kampot province, Cambodia. The school opened in October 2005. In September 2007 the school sought official recognition from Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. Its stated aim is to offer a substantially better quality of English language education than is available locally, in a rapidly developing area where students can benefit greatly from English language skills. The school has an active volunteer program which gives the students access to native speakers

E-mail: clskampot@gmail.com

E-mail: cls_school_kampot@yahoo.co.uk

Website: www.chumkriellanguageschool.com

Epic Arts Café

Epic Arts encourages and helps change perception of disability with society. The café provides employment opportunities to the deaf and disabled members of the community communities. Serving teas, cakes, fruit shakes, lunch and snacks. Cakes to order

Tel: +(855) (0)11-376968

Website: www.epicarts.org.uk

Kampot Interact Website

It listing several Kampot charitable, NGO and volunteer projects

Website: http://www.kampotinteract.org

Kampong Kreng School

Conversational English and interactive learning with young students near the small village of Kampong Kreng. Visitors welcome. Volunteer opportunities. Contact at Kampong Kreng school, 3km north of Kampot on the river road, first school on the left.

Maison les Jeunes at la Culture NGO

Based school teaching English, French computer classes, sports, dance, art and more. Volunteer opportunities. Located opposite the Vietnam/Cambodia Friendship Monument in Kampot.

Tel: +(855) (0)33-932363

E-mail: aja_mjc@forum.org.kh

Rural Enterprise Center of Chamkar Bei Foundation of Help the Poor (FHP)

providing training in integrated agriculture at its rural training center, Chamkar Bei Village, Kep. Volunteer opportunities.

Contact Linda at 012-660712 for appointment.

E-mail: ruralvolunteerkampot@yahoo.com


Circus In partnership with Asian Trails,

The Phare Ponleu Selpak NGO gives Cambodian children from poor and disabled families the opportunity to “have access to culture via different artistic activities” including music, drawing drama, dancing and circus. See traditional Cambodian circus acts daily beginning at 7:00PM or 8:00PM. US$6 admission.

Contact Asian Trails (Tel/Fax: +(855) (0)53-730088 in Battambang, or

+(855) (0)23-216555 in Phnom Penh), or

the Phare Ponleu Selpak office (Tel: +(855) (0)53-952424, +(855) (0)12-890360) for the schedule.

Located on Route #5 about 1km west of town.

Website: www.phareps.org


ActionAid Australia (formerly Austcare)

ActionAid is an international anti-poverty agency working in over 40 countries, taking sides with poor people to end poverty and injustice together. ActionAid began operating in Cambodia in 1999 and launched a full country program in 2004. ActionAid Australia launched its first child sponsorship program in Cambodia in June 2009. An important part of our work is helping poor people discover their rights and entitlements after years of oppression and poverty.

We work with local NGOs to help strengthen rural grassroots organizations working on food security and land rights, women and health, rural and urban poverty, HIV & AIDS, and advocacy training. Rural women generally suffer very poor health and nutrition. ActionAid Cambodia is helping to train local women health volunteers so they can identify and treat reproductive problems. We also work with local organizations to assist women who are rescued after being trafficked into the sex trade with education and vocational training..."

Tel (Australia): +(61) (2) 9565 9146

Email: jspencer@austcare.org.au

Website: www.actionaid.org.au

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